About me

I am an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist with a practice in Edinburgh. I am registered with The British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) as a member of the Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the Public Sector. I am qualified in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy and in Mentalisation Based Therapy.  I am bound by the BPC’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Principles.

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My Approach

In working psychodynamically, my understanding is that when something is very painful, you can find yourself trying to ignore it. Sometimes you might bury something so well that you lose sight of it – it is unconscious.  Difficult past experiences can end up affecting you in the present without your conscious awareness – you feel stuff, you do things, but you don’t know why.

If this approach is suitable for your needs, I would work with you to encourage you to talk freely and to look deeper into your difficulties, to understand what might be causing these problems within yourself. 

Who can benefit

Someone who is in the aftermath of a traumatic experience can benefit from a few sessions to talk through their experience.

People who can gain from therapy might experience a wide range of troubling, self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviours that they feel unhelpfully stuck with. Understanding these difficulties, through longer-term psychotherapy, can enhance a person’s ability to reflect about their experiences, so that they can get unstuck and discover more creative, fulfilling ways of living.

People who are anxious or depressed can benefit from sixteen sessions of Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy.

Training and experience